Brochure Design

The original Brochure Designs looked dull. They used a variety of things to improve them. They used contrast which helped it look better. They also arranged and aligned more things to make it look more professional. They are greatly improved from where they began. It shows how using these principles can greatly improve a document from its original state.


History Poster

I made this poster using indesign. I searched for famous people in history and decided to do Mark Twain. I looked up his autobiography and put it into my own words.



Packaging Apperance

There has been a few times when I thought the appearance of a product has affected me whether to buy it or not.  I most likely will not buy a product if it appears to be cheaply made. It really makes you think the makers didn’t put much effort into their product so it doesn’t appeal to a lot of people because of that.  If a shirt, cereal box or package looks cheaply made or looks like the makers put little to no effort I will not even consider buying it.

Campaign Poster

I created this campaign poster using Indesign. Its purpose was to attract people to vote for a certain person in an election. I used images I found and my own ideas to create this poster.


Cereal Box

I made a cereal box using Indesign. It was intended for the class. I made it using my own design and pictures and clipart i found on the web.


Event Invitation

I made this invitation using indesign and pictures I found using google images. This image was made to invite someone to a certain event or function. This invitation uses many design principles. It looks good.


I created the flyer using indesign. I thought of an idea and found pictures online to help me put my idea on the document. It turned out well. Its purpose it to make people think twice about smoking or continuing to smoke. I think it gets its point across.